Kyrgios’ returns serve at Twitter troll

AUSSIE star Nick Kyrgios is ranked No.24 in the world and considered by many as being among the most talented tennis players to take the court.

Twitter troll Sen Chao is a part-time gamer and amateur tennis player who thinks he can teach Kyrgios “a lesson on how to behave on the court”.


If you believe the Aussie, Chao may just get his chance “after Wimbledon”.

The Chinese-American, 29, has been trolling Kyrgios on Twitter since he was beaten by Rafael Nadal in the final of the 2017 China Open — and he hasn’t let up.

From videos of his tennis “talents” to barbs about Kyrgios being a #bum, Chao has carried a personal vendetta against Kyrgios that has .

The official challenge came yesterday…

And Kyrgios appeared to have finally relented, accepting the challenge…

Before deciding the gig was up…

Judging by this video of Chao’s “tennis talents” it’s probably a good thing Nick wasn’t serious.

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