Patriots bring 5 goats to training camp for Tom Brady's birthday

You can bet the farm the Patriots are going all out to celebrate Tom Brady’s 40th birthday.

The reigning Super Bowl MVP was greeted with cheers from his adoring fans at Pats practice Thursday, but even some bleating goats contributed to the warm welcome.

In an odd schtick befitting only a player of Brady’s caliber, the team brought five goats — one for each Super Bowl he’s won and for each decade of his life — to Foxborough for an impromptu petting zoo.

Why goats? Well, the gesture is meant to honor the “Greatest of All Time,” of course, with what the Pats are calling “The Greatest Petting Zoo Of All Time.”

Even ESPN got in on the gag with a live “Goat Cam.”

Goats, or goat cheese, may not have made it into Brady’s famous cookbook, er, “nutrition manual,” but at least the flock in New England is repping the team colors.

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